Pain 2 Purpose: Part IV ”Keep Focused”

“We’ve got to keep our eyes on the prize. Let’s not let our hurts from the past make us out of whack. Let’s use our earthly pain as a spiritual tune-up.” – #ToddCPittman

Yep, I Said It!

…and so did Colossians 3:2 (NIV) – Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.

”Yesterday I worshipped in Harford County, MD at the Channel of Grace Worship Center. Pastor Kenneth Harper referenced 15 hours of weekly prayer time, and since I am still at 14 hours a week I need to step my game up a little. It was a timely message though because an increase in prayer time is an increase in our strength to turn our Pain 2 Purpose! If we let it, the mess we experience here in our natural life will have us feeling so down and out that we lose sight of where we need to be. Look, we can’t let any circumstance we go through influence the direction of our destiny walk. We’ve got to keep a forward focus because what lies ahead of us is an inheritance. I’m talking about a focus that is founded on living and trusting in Jesus. Listen, plans get ruined, relationships end, jobs get lost, and friendships sour but – My God! – I’m talking about turning that pain of the past into a purpose to press forward so we can receive God’s promised inheritance that never disappoints, never let us down, will never sour, and will never perish. Let’s put our war clothes on, stop feeling sorry for ourselves, and use our hurts and disappointments to say ‘I done been through it. I grew through it. And ain’t no lookin’ back!’ YEP, I SAID IT! – #ToddCPittman

Published by #ToddCPittman

Spiritually, Todd Pittman will always live at Christ the King Church in Dacula, GA under the guidance of Senior Pastor, Reverend Marion Sailor. While residing in northern Maryland, Todd fellowships at Channel of Grace in Edgewood, MD under the direction of Pastor Kenneth Harper; and Covenant Living Fellowship in Randallstown, MD under the direction of Pastors Donald & Danielle Lewis. In his professional life, Todd Pittman is the Director of Corporate and Foundation Advancement at the Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers, a membership association comprised of more than 107 of the Greater Washington, D.C. region's leading foundations and corporate giving programs. He also serves as the Executive Director of the Institute for Corporate Social Responsibility (iCSR). iCSR is an international professional CSR certificate program, in partnership with the Advanced Academic Programs at Johns Hopkins University and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. In addition, Todd serves on the board of Collaborative Partnership Strategies, a national consulting firm. Todd is a proud father of four and husband to Dr. Yolonda Pittman.

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