AN EXEGETICAL SKILL | Identifying + Analyzing Repetitive Texture

THE VALUE OF REPETITION | Newsflash — Yes, the Bible often repeats itself! Yeah, I’m talking about throughout the scriptures; we’ll read the same stories and the repetitive phrases. One of the most potent storytelling tools is repetition. Some of our greatest orators have used repetition to deliver their messages. Let us not forget MartinContinue reading “AN EXEGETICAL SKILL | Identifying + Analyzing Repetitive Texture”


Richard Hess is one of the most trusted scholars of the Old Testament. Earlier this week, I took a look at Mr. Hess’s overview of The Book of Malachi. Specifically, I reflected on Chapter 35 in Hess’s book “The Old Testament: A Historical, Theological, and Critical Introduction” (Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2016. Print) and howContinue reading “PROPHETIC LITERATURE + DISPUTATION | The Book of Malachi”

Wondering Why Christians Have Such Contrasting Theological Conclusions? Here Is a Book Getting More Popular

“Coming from someone who does not have a strong theological background but is pursuing a deeper understanding of theological principles, I found Putnam’s book well-written and informative.” – #ToddCPittman Yep, I Said It! When Doctrine Divides the People of God (Crossway, 2020) is an outstanding evaluation of Doctrinal Diversity and Christian Unity. The author, RhyneContinue reading “Wondering Why Christians Have Such Contrasting Theological Conclusions? Here Is a Book Getting More Popular”

THE HERMENEUTICAL CIRCLE | Understanding Our Checked Baggage

“We’ve got to make room in the baggage we carry for the understanding of what God is trying to tell us.” – #ToddCPittman Yep I Said It! In late 2020 I was moved to commence graduate studies. My mind raced in a circle as to whether I should focus my time pursuing an MBA toContinue reading “THE HERMENEUTICAL CIRCLE | Understanding Our Checked Baggage”